Should I cry about it?
  1. Do I have to pee?
    Or is it just pressure from Baby Girl that will go away when she changes position?
  2. Am I hungry?
    Or just accustomed to eating very frequently?
  3. Do I want her to kick me?
    Or is it nice to have a momentary break from the overstimulation that comes when there is chaos inside and outside?
  4. Do I feel fat?
    Or do I love this bumpin' bump and the fact that there are 2 of us humans here?
  5. Is it the coolest thing ever that my body is learning to make milk?
    Or gross that my body is leaking in new ways?
  6. Am I desperate for her to come out?
    Or am I cherishing the experience of carrying her inside me and having her all to myself?
  7. Is it weird that I'm running out of belly button?
    Or a new opportunity to see what's really down there?
  8. Of one thing I am certain: if this migraine comes back for Round 3, momma will be VERY displeased. 😡😡😡