Happy National Puppy Day!!! 🐶🐾

In celebration of today, I thought it would only be appropriate to make a list about puppies!
  1. Look at these little fuzz balls! I wish I could just cuddle them!
  2. How can you resist a rose from this little guy?
  3. These two are so excited it's National Puppy Day!!
  4. I wish I could be this baby right now
  5. I just can't right now
  6. Surprise!
  7. You can't get better than puppies and snow
  8. So little!
  9. Don't you just want to curl up next to this baby?
  10. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming
  11. If only I got a puppy in the mail!
  12. This video makes my heart melt!
  13. He is outta this frame!
  14. She literally can't handle that it's National Puppy Day!
  15. Puppy kisses are the best!
  16. And kissing puppies is even better. Plus when it's Ian Somerhalder doing it, I can't help but melt.
  17. Happy National Puppy Day!