Because looking at these makes me happy 😌
  1. Static
    I wonder what the darker part tastes like. Hopefully chocolate!
  2. Static
    This is so amazing!!
  3. Static
    Swirly hearts and coffee *happy sigh*
  4. Static
    Oh you know, just hanging out up here!
  5. Static
    Foamy breathing dragon
  6. Static
    So cute!!! Just look at his little face! I need to find someone who can make me a latte like this!
  7. Static
    I scream for lattes!
  8. Static
    If I were a latte artist, I would totally design one like this.
  9. Static
    I heart latte art!
  10. Static
    This one is so pretty!
  11. Static
    I'm obsessed with how the cream pours into the coffee. It's so pretty to watch!
  12. Static
    Lattes on lattes on lattes!