1. Heartbreaking
    There are so many times when I knew he was so low and no matter what I did, I knew I would never be able to make anything better. I felt like a failure.
  2. Frustrating
    Why does this illness even exist?! It's not fair! Just leave him alone, goddamnit!!
  3. Full of cuddly kisses
    There were times where bad days meant lots of cuddles and kisses, and cuddles and kisses are the best.
  4. Eye-opening
    I realized how strong I am. Then I realized how strong he is.
  5. Heart-tugging
    I have so much love for him and I just want to wrap him in all of it.
  6. A realization of reality
    Sometimes I thought everything was okay. I thought he was doing well. I thought he was happy at that moment. But then reality would hit and we wouldn't be able to go on a date or do things I always wanted to do or that he wanted to do. I had to be patient. I had to realize the reality of his depression. It wasn't going to get up, walk away, and never come back.
  7. Illuminating
    While all I wanted to do was take care of him and make life better for him, I had to realize that I also needed to take care of myself. Because if I'm not healthy how can I be there for someone whole-heartedly?
  8. A rewarding experience
    Loving someone with depression isn't easy but it's a beautiful thing.