1. Currently reading - The Weight of Ink, The Cottingley Secret, The mysterious affair at at styles, what is not yours is not yours, age of anger, Jonathan strange and Mr. Notell.
  2. TBR:
  3. The Bedlam Stacks
  4. Black Rabbit Hall
  5. The Master and the Margarita
  6. Eggshells
  7. All the crooked Saints
  8. library of fate
  9. The first seven husbands of eve lyn hug
  10. Spoonbenders
  11. My grandmother asked me to tell you I'm sorry
  12. The clockwork dynasty
  13. The disappearances
  14. The house at riverton
  15. The identicals
  16. The hearts invisivmr furiers
  17. The lying game
  18. Witches of New York
  19. The gilded cage