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Exactly what it says on the label. We're digging deep in the camera roll.
  1. The Weinermobile
    It was at the show for an afternoon & if our boss didn't tell us it was hiding downstairs, we would've missed it. Who knows what'll show up in 2016?
  2. Honda 2&4
    Honda didn't tell us they were bringing this rad car-motorcycle mashup. It's supposed to give you the feeling of riding a motorcycle in car form. It also looks like a 1960s race car.
  3. Gullwing Smart Car
    Nobody told this Smart ForTwo it wasn't a Lamborghini, so it grew gullwing doors. Try hard & believe in yourself, and you too can do great things.
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  1. Riding a bike
    What? You do too, don't lie.
  2. Sitting in traffic
    Once in a while, it's kind of nice. You get some time to think, catch up on new tunes or a podcast, make friends with the folks stuck in the car next to you (do not do this).
  3. Taking the Metro
    Culver City to DTLA in like half an hour no matter what time it is? Yes please.
  4. Speeding
    Don't tell the cops. There's no judgment here.
This is the list where we dump all the photos on our phone of cool cars. Have at it.
  1. You can't even BUY a Toyota Mirai yet, and we saw two during lunch.
  2. Is it a BMW i8 or a spaceship? Your call.
  3. This Porsche 944S is from 1990. Can you tell?
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Right off the bat, it's going to be crowded on the weekends. That's gonna suck. But this stuff? This stuff won't.
  1. You might run into this guy.
    Who wouldn't want to say hey to this guy?
  2. You can get up close & personal with the future of mobility.
    The dozens of concept vehicles on display are like crazy brainwaves from the automakers about what the future might look like. But we'll also have real-life next-gen vehicles and tech on display that you can buy today.
  3. We're gonna have some rad surprises from the folks at Hot Wheels and Star Wars.
    But don't tell anybody. That's a List App exclusive. Shhhhh.
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