Things That Won't Suck at the 2015 LA Auto Show

Right off the bat, it's going to be crowded on the weekends. That's gonna suck. But this stuff? This stuff won't.
  1. You might run into this guy.
    Who wouldn't want to say hey to this guy?
  2. You can get up close & personal with the future of mobility.
    The dozens of concept vehicles on display are like crazy brainwaves from the automakers about what the future might look like. But we'll also have real-life next-gen vehicles and tech on display that you can buy today.
  3. We're gonna have some rad surprises from the folks at Hot Wheels and Star Wars.
    But don't tell anybody. That's a List App exclusive. Shhhhh.
  4. If you drive a Toyota, you can bring a friend for free.
    Come to the show on opening day, November 20, bring your Toyota key, show it to the folks at the box office, and get a buy-one-get-one-free ticket. It's that easy, and you'll be like three times cooler than your friend already thought you were.
  5. You can test drive literally 100 cars and trucks.
    That's no joke. They're all around the outside of the Convention Center, and you can just jump in and take one around the block. And then jump in another one and take it around the block. And then jump in another one and take it around the block. And then do that at least 97 more times.
  6. If you need some help figuring it all out, come take a tour.
    Come by early on Saturday, November 21 and take a tour of the whole show, guided by an auto expert. Reserve your spot at