My Horcrux's

I know that technically to make a horcrux you have to kill someone, but these people are my soul sisters. These Horcrux's have been a way to anchor my soul to this earth and I couldn't be more thankful. God has blessed me tremendously with Love I don't deserve. I see glimpses of heaven everyday because these ladies give me a life full of adventure
  1. This woman right here just happens to be the most incredible woman I know. She has picked me up off the ground a thousand times and I trust that she will stick around for a thousand more. No one makes me laugh the way Mallory does and I'm sure no one ever will. She is my person ❤️🐻
  2. Megan
    I've lived with her longer than anyone other than my mom. She made sure I packed appropriately for all the trips. Helped me zip my dress pretty much every day for three years, and fixed every piece of clothing that I neglected to care for.
  3. Vasantha
    I'd sit home and watch Harry Potter all day, any day with youuuuu.
  4. Kristin
    So many adventures in China. If I'm ever going to be lost in a foreign county, she the person I want with me.
  5. Swapna
    My love. She is always so gentle, loving and forgiving. Truly a sister to everyone she meets.
  6. Ellie
    Helped me get through a super tough year. She is so talented and beautiful both inside and out.
  7. Marla
    So many adventures!! She was my first real friend in college. Took me under her wing and showed me what true friendship looks like. Every time I see her I know I'm up for an adventure!
  8. Angela
    Took me in and adopted me as one of her own. She has shown me what it feels like to finally be part of a family. It's a terrifying and amazing thing!
  9. Little Debbie
    So many delectable snacks. All made entirely out of sugar, fat and pieces of cardboard. Always there when I need a pick me up.
  10. The best friends a Gal could ever ask for 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈