1. Gum is actually kind of gross.
    All I can think about anytime I chew,is how if I'm going to get a cavity from chewing sugar, I would rather it be a tootsie roll or taffy
  2. Cotton candy is delicious
  3. The kardashians seem really nice
  4. Reality tv is the best
    There is nothing like watching people on tv navigating through lives that are more messed up than mine, and I don't have to fix it!
  5. Driving with the windows down sucks
    It's noisy, your hair blows in your face constantly and if there is even one tiny piece of paper in your car, it's going to fly around and drive you insane.
  6. Mini vans are so rad
  7. Ohio is awesome
  8. People should wear what they want whenever they want
    Other people's opinions are not relevant when it comes to my fashion choices. I wear what I want and what makes me feel confident. Everyone should do that same. No matter what shape or size you are.
  9. Socks are the single most important article of clothing
  10. The walking dead is so annoying
  11. Game of thrones is boring
    It seems like a weird porno with a million characters.
  12. Instagram is over rated
    Spending all your time trying to get the best picture instead of actually living in the moment and enjoying what's right in front of you.