1. The rooftop patio of Rhinegeist opened this weekend.
    This is a bar with one of the most beautiful views of Cincinnati.Pretty much everyone 21-35 made a stop at this bar tonight.
  2. I have been planning all week to go with my friends.
  3. Marrisa text me to remind me.
  4. Heather text me to remind me.
  5. Ben text me to remind me.
  6. My roommate reminded me while she was getting ready to go.
  7. I started getting ready when I remembered that Bridget Jones Diary is on Netflix.
  8. Promptly put on my pajamas.
  9. Turned my phone on do not disturb.
    One of my favorite features!
  10. Watched Bridget Jones, alone in my dark, empty apartment.
  11. It was glorious
  12. I followed this up with a few episodes of Dawsons Creek and some light Facebook perusing.
  13. This has been the best Saturday night I have had in a long time💜🎈