Words,People and Objects that Have Saved My Life.

inspired by @steph_lessthan3
  1. Jesus
    For a long time I lived a life of hopelessness, fear, heartache and loneliness. When God allowed me to open my eyes to the gift of Jesus, I started to feel like I was on this earth for a purpose. God hand picked me to live life by creating me in his image. He sent Jesus to take my place on the cross. To bare the wrath of God for my sins because I couldn't. Don't get me wrong I still suck but because of Jesus, God has redeemed me and I am free to live in his love with grace.
  2. Harry Potter
    I was ten years old when I read Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. I was transported out of the chaotic hell that I lived in and sent to explore a new and magical world. A world where a kid whose life had been torn apart by tragedy and heartache, found the courage to rise up and save the world from complete darkness. I dreamed that this would be my life one day. Probably why I went into social work!
    This show was literally on 24/7 when I was a kid. I would scrape together and save every penny I could find so that I could buy the seasons on DVD. As a tween I could recite almost every word to every episode. I would stay awake watching this show all night every night. When I would get scared of being in my house I would simply turn up the volume and laugh at my tv friends.
  4. Socks
    Almost nothing makes me feel more comfortable and cozy than a good pair of socks. I am literally wearing them any moment it's acceptable. If I start feeling anxious, a good pair of socks is one of the first steps to feeling calm.
  5. Miami University
    To most of my peers college was the expected and obvious choice, but I had to fight like hell to get accepted into a school I didn't belong. Once I got to campus I felt safe for the first time in my life. I was in a new and exciting, safe bubble of a town where no one knew anything about me. I could be the free and create the future I always wanted. Freedom at last. #loveandhonor
  6. "Welcome"
    After 21 years of essentially being an orphan, I was welcomed into the hearts of a wonderful family. Pretty much the biggest answered prayer ever.
  7. My friends ❤️
    The list of real life friends in my life is long and for that I am lucky. They have been here to pick me up off the ground when I couldn't move one more inch. My friends have shown me what it's like to love and be loved.To laugh uncontrollably and feel joyous. I am forever thankful for each of these special people that make my life so much better.They truly are parts of my heart and soul, out there in the world doing awesome things! I feel proud knowing I am part of their lives, and them mine.
  8. Broad city
    Last spring I went through the most depressing and difficult five months of unemployment. I stumbled upon this show while sitting home alone and applying for jobs. This gem helped put a smile on my face and fill my apartment with laughter. @AbbiJacobson is the best!!