Travelling to Tokyo for the first time? Here's what you'll need.
  1. Pasmo or Suica Subway card - no need to buy a ticket every time you ride the train or subway, just swipe and go! Easy to reload too.
  2. Pocket wi-fi - Avoid expensive roaming charges. While hotels offer free wifi, Tokyo is still a long way from offering free wifi in public areas. You'll want to be connected just in case you find yourself "lost in translation".
  3. Metro subway app - plots out subway and train routes to get you where you want to go.
  4. Japanese language app - a few important phrases will go a long long way. "biru o kudasai"
  5. City map - Tokyo is a huge place and a map can give you a quick perspective of just where everything is, which area is near each other and how you can best plot out your day