My top 10 booty building exercises... Because no one ever rapped about a small ass.
  1. 10. Fire Hydrants:
    I don't know what they are actually called. Like a donkey kick but more like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant motion. Do lots of them and always with ankle weights, unless you're a whimp.
  2. 9. Donkey Kicks:
    Old school style, on all fours and like above don't be a whimp, add weights.
  3. 8. Hindu Squats:
    I call them ass to the grass. It basically goes like this: using just your body weight, squat as low as you can pushing your pelvis towards your ankles as you raise your arms above your head. Repeat motion until you barf.
  4. 7. Curtsy Lunge:
    I usually do these in combination with #6 but you can also do them with free weights. Lunging to the side in the motion of a ballerina curtsy. Super cute, super wicked.
  5. 6. Cable Raises:
    Side and back for complete glute attack! Lower cables to the ground, attach with ankle wrap. They are harder than they look so light weight is key to get you past the second set.
  6. 5. Step-Ups:
    Just like it says, step up on something. A bench, a box, a chair, anything! Just step up. Many, many times. Bring music, it will save you.
  7. 4. Hip Raises:
    Oh. Em. Gee. Add a weight plate for that good burn. Quickest way to see growth for sure. Don't forget to eat some sweet potatoes!
  8. 3. Lunges:
    Stationary is effective but I find them to be boring. I prefer to stick with walking lunges. Bring some nice sized dumbbells for a walk too.
  9. 2. Deadlifts:
    I like to do mine with dumbbells. I can never resist dropping the weight slowly to feel the amazing hammy stretch and then blasting up to squeeze my cheeks like I'm making lemonade. Like adding water to a seedling, bloom booty bloom.
  10. 1. Squats:
    Heavy as possible. Burns so good. Really the best bang for your buck. Have fun walking tomorrow.