Movies I've seen this year so far that I can remember

It's movies! Probably chronological
  1. Hail, Caesar!
    Boring. Love the Coen Brothers, got the sentiment the movie had but was just bored by it
  2. The Witch
    So good. My film professor saw it the same weekend I did and she came back and was OBSESSED. She told us she was going to propose a class all about it to the school. That's how great it was.
  3. Zootopia
    Cute! How do children follow the movie though?
  4. God's Not Dead 2
    LOL JK
  5. Green Room
    Best movie of the year so far. Maybe the scariest movie I've ever seen? It was incredible.
  6. Neighbors 2
    I loved the dumb premise of the first one and I loved this one too. It's a silly fun story with great actors and I'll watch 10 more of these if they were to make them.
  7. The Lobster
    I know everyone has been saying this but it's seriously got a story like nothing I've ever seen before. I knew nothing about it going in and I'm so glad that's how I saw it. Super weird, but really great.
  8. Popstar
    I love you Andy Samberg. You are hilarious and great and your movie is great and you're not an overrated piece of shit.
  9. Finding Dory
    Really cute! I've never been a big fan of Finding Nemo or Pixar in general (except Inside Out which is definitely Pixar's best ever and maybe Disney's best ever?) but this was good.
  10. The Shallows
  11. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
    Pretty funny. I love the people in this but a lot of the acting was rly bad (Aubrey Plaza & that god awful accent she has at the beginning) and it was maybe a little sexist (also apparently the real Mike and Dave are v sexist in their book so) but it was good for what it was: a dumb funny summer movie
  12. I think that's it?
    I've got to step up my movie game. Going to a theater to watch a movie is one of my favorite things of all time