Happy birthday to Pablo Picasso, born October 25, 1881. There are more than 25 works by Picasso currently on view at LACMA! http://bit.ly/1kFkiNP
  1. Weeping Woman with Handkerchief
    24eb34e9 ee4a 4746 977b 109e62d7669e
  2. Centaur
    14e87584 8732 49b7 94ff ed715cacbc9b
  3. Head of a Woman
    7cf1b3b2 b568 4c9f ac94 2a9210bc9286
  4. Young Woman in Striped Dress
    8781591f da06 4831 a82e 086472a5684f
  5. Head of a Bearded Man with Cigarette
    Cf2981aa db16 4719 a93d ed034be3a773
  6. Head of a Jester
    B87063bb 4e32 47a2 85b3 52f2e1f81642
  7. Bust of a Woman (Dora Maar)
    D6797645 7ea8 4987 aabd 146d25c1fa64
  8. Head of a Boy
    Ae6aa240 8f5b 490c a300 6550cf81ea46
  9. Still Life
    A7d5be2b 38fa 4d69 9bac 2a592b4e2704
  10. Head of a Woman
    D3672bc0 f307 4cd5 8372 804c882c8be3
  11. Harlequin
    2204bb20 5496 45aa a926 e024937ccc71
  12. Man and Woman
    D1b6c917 6053 4954 b79a ce05dacd4ade
  13. Head of a Man
    2697551c d7c8 4da7 9617 c7c62f4b6d96
  14. Woman with Hat in an Armchair
    Cd3e5116 0f9f 4404 8e7f 0aad0c20fe6b
  15. Figure
    D2edea36 d53d 42ba 9e25 b4d0dcef6919
  16. Bust of a Seated Woman
    756356e9 5970 49d6 9504 71b92661055d
  17. Portrait of Sebastia Juñer Vidal
    8ddf74bf 35a7 4ca7 8e5a 4a16fd13a23e
  18. Head of a Woman (Jacqueline)
    Ce3dcf80 f08d 4276 bee9 f1560bfb76d4
  19. Portrait of Hélène Parmelin
    463f17cc 7b41 4396 bb8d c6ed58e44299
  20. Woman with Blue Veil
    00a83e9b bb15 4e1c 92b3 3bbe5b162fe1