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Let me preface by saying I have had an amazing life and amazing friends and wonderful experiences. This is rather vulnerable of me, but these experiences have taught me why it's critical to teach children safety, teach them to say no, and teach them how to defend themselves.
  1. The 1st HS Boy Who Didn't Want to Take "NO" for an Answer
    In his truck, after kindly giving me a ride home from school, he thought he deserved payment. After the fifth "no," getting out and racing on foot to the house made sense.
  2. The 2nd HS Boy Who Didn't Want to Take "NO" for an Answer
    Oh we are just getting started. Making out is one thing, but when my virginal "no" wasn't enough to counteract his being twice my size and much stronger, I proceeded to informing him that when I told my father, he would hunt him down and remove his manhood if his own father didn't do it first.
  3. The Guy with the Pill
    Being drugged sucks. When I spoke to my sister, she explained what he had given me, demanded the address, and showed up in thirty minutes with several football players to escort me out of there. I had to have a "babysitter" the rest of the night.
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So I know it's a sin to fall asleep with the television on, but I have this issue where my brain won't stop sometimes. Seriously I can keep myself going for hours. Law and Order to the rescue.
  1. Criminal Intent - Vincent D'Onofrio
    Because with people this neurotic and obsessive about finding the truth and putting away the bad guys - why in the world would I need to take on the world alone.
  2. The Theme Song
    It's like an old trusted friend. You just feel like justice is getting served somewhere and it's cool to take a break.
  3. Olivia Benson of SVU
    Come on. What character EVER has had more passion about protecting victims? Moreover...
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Inspired by @seraphim719. It's apparently harder than I thought to summarize myself in a reasonable number of bullets. Ha
  1. I'm LaCosta Lolly
  2. I grew up in a great little fishing town in Florida
    On an island
  3. I am named after this gorgeous island in Southwest Florida
    (And Tanya Tucker's sister)
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This is just such an amazing list to start with because there are just so many, but I'll go for top 5. In no particular order, here goes.
  1. Non-profit Business Education Founder
    I am intensely passionate about helping small businesses and individuals develop better lives and strengthen their own financial situation and local economy. I'd love to travel around the world and do it for free with those who need it most.
  2. Fiction Writer
    I have a passion for great literature. The idea of writing something I want to write is amazing. I do a ton of business writing and technical writing - fiction would be a breath of fresh air.
  3. FBI
    All day. Out saving the world. Totally a dream job for my superhero side. I used to practice all my awesome TV moves in the yard when I was a kid. For some reason I thought learning how to roll over a car and shoot was a big part of the job.
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