Let Me Listroduce Myself!

Inspired by @seraphim719. It's apparently harder than I thought to summarize myself in a reasonable number of bullets. Ha
  1. I'm LaCosta Lolly
  2. I grew up in a great little fishing town in Florida
    On an island
  3. I am named after this gorgeous island in Southwest Florida
    (And Tanya Tucker's sister)
  4. I run a consulting firm specializing in helping businesses grow more sustainably
    Essentially helping businesses create better tools, training, processes, and systems to help employees succeed and help new employees ramp up faster.
  5. I have an amazing sister and super cute niece.
  6. My happy place is my kitchen
    Seriously nothing better than cooking while dancing around like some kind of backup dancer. It's like the whole world disappears.
  7. I'm a total badass about protecting others
    ...and often put up with a lot more than I should when it's my own issue because I hate drama.
  8. My parents are my daily inspiration
    They aren't perfect by any means, but I know what they've been through and the idea of having to admit to them that I "couldn't get through something" would be devastating. They are my strength.
  9. I'm in a relationship and raising his daughter
    I've been raising his little girl for a number of years now and am now pretty much it as far as moms are concerned after hers took off 4.5 years ago.
  10. I'm a perfectionist
    It leads to some great work and a lot of stress and anxiety.