So I know it's a sin to fall asleep with the television on, but I have this issue where my brain won't stop sometimes. Seriously I can keep myself going for hours. Law and Order to the rescue.
  1. Criminal Intent - Vincent D'Onofrio
    Because with people this neurotic and obsessive about finding the truth and putting away the bad guys - why in the world would I need to take on the world alone.
  2. The Theme Song
    It's like an old trusted friend. You just feel like justice is getting served somewhere and it's cool to take a break.
  3. Olivia Benson of SVU
    Come on. What character EVER has had more passion about protecting victims? Moreover...
  4. Mariska Hargitay
    What celeb who plays a badass also starts charities that help victims of violent crimes, human trafficking, etc.?
  5. Nothing Pretend is All Pretend
    Just because it's a show doesn't mean that somewhere out there are not some seriously badass people out saving the world, defending justice, and doing their part. And...
  6. With All These Bad-Ass People...
    I can take a break from being a bad-ass and get some zz's. Even if we are all doing different jobs - it's good to imagine that while I'm resting some other badass people are out their doing their jobs to the fullest.