1. Adam Lambert
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    I went to the American Idol Live tour and watched him hump a microphone stand in tight leather pants when I was in middle school with my Mom. I haven't been the same since. His cover of "Mad World" is also tremendous and he has some pretty great singles to his name.
  2. David Archuleta
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    I once set an email to David Archuleta pretending to be a young Mormon boy who was inspired by him. He never responded.
  3. Katherine McPhee
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    Her performance in The House Bunny umm??? Let's never forget that. I didn't watch all of Smash but "Let Me Be Your Star" is a GOOD song
  4. Clay Aiken
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    His illegitimate child. His foray into politics. Him on Broadway. HIM. Love u Clay. (Fun fact I was writing this while watching the famous clay scene in "Ghost")
  5. Justin Guarini
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    His hair is reminiscent of late 90s/early 2000s boy bands. And the movie "From Justin to Kelly" is a cult classic for the generation.
  6. Blake Lewis
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    He beat boxed which was cool. I totally emailed him too.
  7. Diana DeGarmo
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    She had a young Jennifer Tilly quality to her and she married Ace Young. Talk about star crossed lovers.
  8. Crystal Bowersox
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    She had dreadlocks which can be seen as problematic but she was Janis Joplin reincarnated so I have to respect that
  9. Bo Bice
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    His hair was like wheat. A girl in my fifth grade class told all of us she stopped watching after Carrie Underwood beat him... I don't like country music but I think she reasonably won over him.
  10. Lauren Alaina
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    Wasn't she conceived while her parents listened to Aerosmith and then she sang "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" for Steven Tyler? That's all I remember.
  11. Clark Beckham
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    Ok so these next four I literally have no idea what they looked like or sang like. So, I'm rating them purely on their names. Beckham like David and Victoria. Hot.
  12. Jessica Sanchez
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    She sounds nice? I don't think she would annoy me.
  13. Jena Irene
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  14. Kree Harrison
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    Kree? Kree? KREE? Yeah no thank you.