Yes. I spent my holidays getting angry too.
  1. Steven Avery - Zach Galifinakis
    Pulling a Jonah Hill and going for the Oscar
  2. Brendan Dassey - Paul Dano
    If you've seen his work in Little Miss Sunshine and Prisoners you know he's ready.
  3. Dolores Avery - June Squibb
    The absolute love of my life. June Squibb over all. I'd only watch this movie if this happened.
  4. Jerome Buting - Andy Buckley
    David Wallace from the Office! He just feels right.
  5. Dean Strang - Stephen Colbert
    Dean Strang deserves his own Ben & Jerry's flavor as well.
  6. Teresa Halbach - Elizabeth Olsen
    To be used for those confessional tapes Teresa made. Sensitive and humble.
  7. Ken Kratz - Paul Blart: Mall Cop
    They both have warped senses of justice.
  8. That One Lady Journalist - Elizabeth Hurley
    That journalist had constant resting bitch face and I ATE IT UP.
  9. Mike Halbach - Evan Peters
    Evan has that mousey charm which sometimes distracts you from whether or not you should be rooting for him or despising him.
  10. Hot Reporter - Hot Reporter
    Ugh. I wish they make a bonus 11th episode of just him. He is the peppered silver fox Ken Doll we all need.
  11. Ken Kratz - John Lithgow
    Although I love your Mall Cop comparison, I was also thinking John Lithgow because of his character in Dexter. I loathed him in Dexter just as much as I did with Ken in MAM.
    Suggested by   @brittmaag