Christmas knitting

Recently, I bought most of the yarn I'll use for Christmas knitting. I will knit the following things (but the pictures here are the patterns, not what I am knitting now):
  1. Hats for my brother, brother-in-law, and stepson. I'll use the same pattern for all three, and they'll likely never know, since they don't run in the same circles much
  2. A hat for my niece
    This will be different, a two-color brioche (which is a kind of knitting).
  3. Felted slippers for my brother
    I've made slippers for him before, and he asked for more. This is what makes one knit-worthy.
  4. Socks for my husband
    I didn't buy this yarn today; I found it in my stash. I have found a new pattern to use. I've knit him lots of socks.
  5. Socks for the grandkids
    I need to find out their shoe sizes first. They have this annoying habit of growing.
  6. Something for my SIL
  7. Something for my DIL.
    Also TBD