I live in a desert. It's hot in the summer. but this week will be ridiculous.
  1. Thursday. June 16
    104 predicted; 101 actual. Not a record. The weatherman has this as "mild". He's pretty much right.
  2. Friday
    108 predicted , 106 actual. Not a record. This is listed as "hot" Right again.
  3. Saturday
    117 predicted,. 111 actual. Still not a record.
  4. Sunday
    121 predicted. 118 actual. A new record. At least one person died in a heat-related incident. Actually four people died.
  5. Monday
    117 predicted,. At least 116 actual
  6. Tuesday
    113 predicted, 111 actual. Maybe we dodged a bullet. But it will be over 110 everyday for the rest of the week.
  7. If you live here too, or if you are visiting, stay inside. Stay cool. Stay hydrated. Watch out for others. Anything that had to be done, do early. We'll walk the dog at 6am.
  8. PS. The nights won't cool off much. Our lows will still be in the 80s.