a break from Arizona's June heat
  1. Fly to Minneapolis. No prob.
  2. Get to our hotel:. Nicollet Island Inn. Very nice.
  3. Find dinner at a place that's been recommended:. Wilde's.
    Good Reuben and local beer.
  4. Walk down the street, see a place offering Segway tours.
    Get the number.
  5. In the morning, find the Walker museum and cruise around Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun while waiting for the museum to open.
    Before that, stop at a great bakery/deli for kolaches for breakfast, and make a Segway tour reservation.
  6. Go to the Walker and to the sculpture garden. All very excellent.
  7. Head down for the Segway tour. Watch the video, start the training. Things are going well. Then we have to go up a ramp to get up to the street. I get tangled with device in front of me and go down
  8. Ambulance comes: I have dislocated and broken my ankle.
  9. Spend the night in the hospital, where everyone is very nice. They give me a plaster cast to my knee and a walker.
    On the other hand they cut off my jeans.
  10. Spend Saturday in the hotel. Did not see St Paul or any other lakes.
  11. This does not count as my Minneapolis vacay.