1. The US--Mexico border is about 2000 miles long. Of that, about 60 percent is desert crossing, in New Mexico, Arizona, and California, and 40 percent is the Rio Grande river on the south side of Texas.
  2. The Donald has said he will build a big, beautiful wall all along the border, with one big beautiful gate.
    Let's think about this. Thirty feet tall:. That's a three story building.
  3. How do you build a wall along a river?
  4. You can't build it on the Mexican side, because it's Mexico.
  5. I'm not an engineer, but I would think that building it in the river would be tricky at best, and hugely expensive in any event.
  6. Build it on the US side? That means the cost of acquiring the land, and the fact of cutting off access to the river for those who live or work on the north side of the river.
    Not all of them will buy in to this idea.
  7. Then there's building in the desert. There's a fence along a lot of it already, but not a "wall". People do cross the border here but it is very difficult. People who are willing to get over a fence will figure out a way to get over or around a wall.
    A lot of coyotes make a lot of money bringing people to the US, often at the behest of US employers who interested in hiring undocumented immigrants. As we learned at the time of Watergate:. Follow the money. Also, there's a Jimmy Buffett song about walls:. Walls that won't come down, we can decorate or climb or find some way to get around.
  8. Then the gate. Where will it be, specifically? There are a lot of border towns, some big, like El Paso, some not so big, like Sonoita, Arizona. All of them serve as economic nodes for their areas. Which one gets to survive? Who gets to tell all the others that they don't? How many jobs will be lost?
  9. Back to the wall. I've seen no specific plans, and there may not be any. But Janet Napolitano, former Secretary of Homeland security, once said, show me a 20' wall and I'll show you a 22' ladder.
    Also, tunnels have been used a lot.
  10. Also, and Mexico will pay for it
    They've said, Thanks but no thanks
  11. How will he force them to pay? I don't think just sending them a bill will work.
  12. Put a tariff on US goods sold to Mexico? That will reduce sales of those goods and hurt US sellers.
  13. Confiscate remittances sent to Mexico?
    How is that not theft?
  14. Scary times. Stay strong. Power to the people.