Mobility devices in my home currently

I broke my ankle on June 15 and couldn't put any weight on my ankle until August 2.
  1. Here you can see, sorta, two wheelchairs and my walker.
    The living room serves as a garage.
  2. Here's my loaner electric scooter.
  3. This chair is called a transfer chair, I think, and was the one I used the most. You can't push it yourself but you can scoot around using your good foot or your arms to pull on other stuff. The advantage is that it collapses easily and goes through doors. We borrowed this from a friend.
  4. I don't know what this one is called. This one we rented. I used it to go on rolls around the neighborhood at night to get some upper body exercise, since this one I could roll myself.
  5. This Walker is the one they sent home with me from the hospital in Minneapolis. It's what I am using exclusively now, since I can put weight on my left ankle again. Theoretically I should only need this for a week or so. We'll see.
  6. This scooter was also loaned to me by a friend. I haven't used it because it scares me. I broke my ankle falling off a motorized electric device so I'm not fond of motorized electric devices at the moment.