1. We have three ways to vote
  2. 1. Show up on election day and wait in line.
    I know one young woman who is doing this, because it is her first presidential election.
  3. 2. Show up at a designated polling place in the several weeks before the election and wait in what ought to be a shorter line and vote.
    But already there are lines two or three or more hours long at these polling places.
  4. 3. Get on the permanent early voting list and have your ballot mailed to you.
    Vote it in the convenience of your home with your reference materials around, time to consult, etc., mail it back or drop it off at a polling place.
  5. With all these methods there are drawbacks. Waiting in line is one--Maricopa County made the news with our primary because of seven hour lines, because the county elections director "underestimated" the appropriate number of polling places.
  6. There was also a training issue:. People who showed up at the wrong polling place were allowed to vote, but then their ballots weren't counted.
  7. Permanent early voting is an outgrowth of absentee voting. You could get a mail-in ballot in advance if you were going to be "out of town" on election day. Back then, I lived in Tempe, but worked in Phoenix (one town over, maybe ten miles) so I was "out of town" so I qualified. Early voter ever since.
  8. Hold a good thought for democracy tomorrow.