this is my dog Purl. She's a rescue. we've had her for about three years, and she's about five years old. we were told that she is a Plott hound. The Plott hound is the state dog of North Carolina, and they are bear and boar hunting dogs. we have seen neither bears nor boars in our neighborhood.
  1. Purl
    Isn't she beautiful?
  2. On weekday mornings we walk a block down to our neighborhood park, where we wander around and maybe meet up with her dog buds.
    Some days she doesn't want to do the park and we do the neighborhood.
  3. On weekends we go out through the back gate into the schoolyard behind us, and we let her just run a bit.
    Then we walk through the neighborhoods in a different direction. Sometimes we go home through the schoolyard, sometimes we go home through the park.
  4. At 10 or so at night I take her for another walk.
    This walk started out as a walk around the block.
  5. Then she decided that she only wanted to go across the street and pee then come home.
    I still walk around the block most nights.
  6. Lately she gets excited to go out, but doesn't even make it to our sidewalk before she turns around.
    Last night I didn't even get the door closed before she turned around.
  7. I think she really just wants my spot on the couch.