1. Democrats who didn't vote
  2. Pollsters who got it wrong, but led people to think that Hillary's path was clear, so they didn't have to go vote.
    There's gonna be a lot of soul-searching in that profession over the next t few months. DRC
  3. Democrats who didn't vote
  4. Media that gave Trump too much free attention 18 months ago, and didn't call him out for his lies and his attitudes.
  5. Democrats who didn't vote.
  6. Texas
    Because Texas is responsible for most of the textbooks in this country, which may not be factually accurate, and which do not teach critical thinking
  7. Democrats who didn't vote
  8. The various educational systems around the country which do not teach critical thinking, and do not prepare people for the jobs that are out there.
    Too many people can't analyze their own best interests.
  9. Democrats who didn't vote
  10. Corporations which didn't share the tax breaks they got, so that average Joes didn't get pay raises anywhere commensurate to the benefits taken by corporate VIPs
  11. Democrats who didn't vote.
  12. Corporations that shipped jobs overseas, taking away moderate to good jobs from middle class Americans.
  13. Democrats who didn't vote.
  14. The Democratic party, which didn't properly analyze and address the mood of the populace.
  15. Democrats who didn't vote.
  16. ETA:. Voter suppression laws
  17. Democrats who didn't vote
  18. Gerrymandering for safe Republican districts
  19. Democrats who didn't vote
  20. FETA:. Comey and the emails
  21. Democrats who didn't vote.