You too can be a traffic cop

I was, once. sorta.
  1. I spent the summer of 1975 in San Francisco, working on a multiparty multidistrict antitrust case and studying for the California bar
    BTW I didn't think the California bar was any tougher than the Arizona bar.
  2. On the fourth of July I went with some friends to picnic and watch fireworks in Marin County.
    An excellent thing to do.
  3. As with all such events, people drifted in over time, but everyone wanted to leave at the same time.
    When the fireworks were done.
  4. We were all parked in some sort of grove, with a main road and other roads off to one side.
    We were parked on one of the side roads.
  5. When people started leaving, the people on the main road weren't letting cars in from the side roads.
    We could have been there forever.
  6. So I got out of the car I was in, and walked up about twenty cars to the "intersection", and went out into the middle, and held my hand up and stopped the car on the main road to let in one car from the side road.
    Then I moved and let in one car from the main road, then one from the side road. Etc.
  7. I had absolutely no authority to do this, but most drivers recognized that I was being fair and cooperated with me. I was not dressed like a traffic cop.
    Only one car came close to hitting me, which was clearly on purpose. I moved out of the way quickly enough however.
  8. When my car got to the front of the side road, I got them into the traffic stream and then I hopped back in.
    I hope someone took over this task after me so that everyone got home safely.
  9. Power to the people.