Distract inquisitive co-workers from your f*ck-ups with these foolproof responses!
  1. Let me look into that.
  2. I'll follow up on that.
  3. Let's circle back on that.
  4. I'll try to close the loop on that.
  5. I'm not saying no, but...
  6. I can see about that.
  7. I'll doublecheck.
  8. I'll confirm.
  9. I'll find out.
  10. I don't smell anything.
  11. I'm finishing it up as. we. speak.[Emphatically shuts laptop.]
  12. I'm so glad you asked me that. Really, it means a lot that you came to me about that.
  13. Let's set up a time to talk about that.
  14. Cute shoes!