Or else, why would they be in there?
  1. Canadian quarter
  2. Post-it with grocery items already purchased, but now needed again
  3. Two loose pink pills that are probably Benadryl
  4. Unwrapped, unchewed gum
  5. Napkins, gently used
  6. A pen that works
  7. A pen that doesn't work but that I like better
  8. Rainbow Berry Froyo punch card.
    Nine more earns me a free cup!
  9. Business cards for people who now hold different jobs
  10. A permission slip for something my kid needed last year.
    Apparently my permission was not actually needed.
  11. An adorable notebook that's too heavily branded for me to use publicly but is just too cute to toss.
  12. 17 Metrocards
  13. Two earrings and one earring back
  14. A million packets of Equal
  15. A stretched-out ponytail holder
  16. Darkness