1. Women with medium length hair who talk about having short hair
    OMG! Chopped off all my hair! *hair is to her shoulders* 😡😡 this is unfair of me, if you want to call your hair short okay that's your right - but I looked like this from 19 to 24 so I'm picky about this shit
  2. When Monday is a holiday and my fave tv shows decide to take the whole 5 days off
    Lookin' at you Nightly Show, Daily Show, and @midnight after president's day.
  3. People who try and squeeze around cars that are turning by driving onto the shoulder
    Just WAIT. This is Alaska! Traffic lasts like 4 minutes. Cool it.
  4. When I order something and am only then informed that they are out
    Please tell me this before I make myself vulnerable in front of you. I'm so exposed in this moment and I blame you. I know it's not even your fault!