Semi-requested by @Fitz but not specifically so don't blame him if this is shit
  1. Sunset today is at 3:40. Sunrise? 10:05.
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  2. Sunrise. Taken on a morning walk through the neighborhood with my mom.
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  3. What I wore on said walk because it was cold AF
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  4. But summertime looks like this 😍
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    We hiked a mountain and drank champagne on top for my sister's bachelorette party because you can do cool shit like that in Alaska
  5. Summer is seriously bomb
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  6. Fish are a big deal
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    Fishing and cooking said fish is very significant and usually a family affair.
  7. Moose are a thing
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    These two moose just chilled in my yard for hours one day this summer. I probably see at least one moose a week, usually more.
  8. We also have totally normal things like bars and restaurants
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  9. Let me reiterate: summer got everybody like
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    Summer is short sweet and full of tourists