Okay. So, imagine if on an episode of Buffy all the characters sat around and figured out which character they are on friends. That's this list. And your f*cking welcome.
  1. 🔥
  2. 💗
  3. Xander
  4. Chandler
    Even their names are similar! Awkward around girls, under appreciated humor, practical dreamers.
  5. Willow
  6. Monica
    They're both very studious over achievers and super loyal bffs. Both have great/terrible fashion and both had awkward teenage years.
  7. Spike
  8. Joey
    Okay maybe this is a stretch but if you think about it Spike is kind of like an evil Joey. Ladies men who can pull of tight t-shirts and leather.
  9. Giles
  10. Ross
    FIGHT ME. Giles and Ross are the logical guys in the friend group who get made fun of for being nerds but guess what? They're right. Often.
  11. Cordelia
  12. Rachel
    They both have a similar character arc from shallow and insensitive to caring and generous without losing their edge.
  13. Oz
  14. Mike
    The two best 'out of the group' boyfriends television has ever seen.
  15. Buffy
  16. Phoebe
    Both outsiders who always know more than they say. Naive in the most charming of ways and super loyal to their crew. Also: bouffay ... buffy
  17. Angel
  18. Richard
    Sexy AF