I'm the worst. This is literal. I am not embellishing my awkwardness. But honestly things are looking up. I'm making strides! Much improved over last week. 💪
  1. Him: so when does [ex's name] get back?
  2. Me: oh, we actually broke up. But I still know he gets back on the 24th because I'm pathetic.
  3. Him: I'm sorry. Do you have plans for New Years?
    I do not
  4. Him: well, hopefully we can still hang out?
  5. Me: sure, it's kind of a trial breakup, we'll see!
  6. Him: okay, gotcha.
  7. Me: just remind him how I great I am LOL
  8. Him: I will *hugs me*
  9. Me: I'm just kidding, you don't need to do that
  10. Him: haha okay, good to see you.
  11. 🙃