Some of my best romcoms are ignored by mainstream viewers and panned by critics and I need to set the record straight.
  1. Wimbledon
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    A go-to romcom for me personally. Paul Bettany is basically everything I've ever wanted in a man and Kirsten Dunst is kind of adorable? This movie is full of hilarious moments and just as cliche as you want it to be. Best line: "Lizzie: good thing you didn't get the wrong window. Peter: I did, but your dad's a very quick shag." Bonus points for James McAvoy and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as extra eye candy. Rotten tomatoes score 🍅 60 (definitely undervalued)
  2. Catch and Release
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    Why are reviews of this movie so bad? It's fantastic. Timothy Olyphant should give up action movies and turn strictly to romcoms. Jennifer Garner could lay on a couch for two hours and I'd find her utterly relatable. This movie grows on you - the first time I watched it I really didn't like it but now OMG. Best lines: "I need you to send $20,000 to a massage therapist in Encino." AND "What's your favorite color? - Gray." (Her name is Gray. Just watch it. Seriously.) 🍅 21 (an absolute travesty)
  3. Because I Said So
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    Gabriel Macht should be a leading man for sure, Mandy Moore is uncharacteristically charming, and Diane Keaton has great clothes. This movie also features three sisters which may be part of why I love it so much. Best line: "I am not setting my daughter up with an attractive, charming musician who will just break her heart." Bonus points for Tony Hale as Lauren Graham's depressed client. 🍅 5 (honestly? WTF? It's not that bad)
  4. View From The Top
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    In Gilmore Girls Lorelei tries to comfort Rory after she makes a mistake by reminding her that Gwyneth Paltrow made this movie. But Lorelai is wrong. This movie is a gem. Watch it now. It's ridiculous, poorly acted, and cheesy but it is also romantic, quirky, and hilarious. Best line: "You peaked too soon. You're what we call a peak-too-sooner." Bonus points for Mike Meyers killing it, young Mark Ruffalo as a law school dropout, and a cameo from Rob Lowe. 🍅 14 (they didn't get this movie)
  5. 13 Going On 30
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    LOOK. I love Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo and their chemistry in this movie is off the charts. Judy Greer and Andy Serkis kill it in their supporting roles. This movie is charming, joyful, and creative. I love it. Best line: "Can you tell I'm wearing underwear? Cause I totally am!" Bonus points for passing the Bechdel test, and the Vanilla Ice striptease dance. 🍅 64 (okay, this actually seems fair TBH)
  6. Return to Me
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    One of my all time favorites. This movie has it all. Heartache, romance, flowers, pasta, and a young David Duchovny. Minnie Driver's hair is on point throughout. At one point, Duchovny uses unopened bags of popcorn as hot pads and it is charming AF. Best line: "I miss Elizabeth. I'll always miss her. But I ache for Grace." Swoon. 🍅 Rotten tomatoes score: 61 (a crime)