Past and present. Not ranked because how can you rank a bunch of 10's?
  1. Jason Jones
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    jonesinforjason on Twitter and never has a Twitter handle more accurately described my soul
  2. Wyatt Cenac
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    Incomparable. I die.
  3. John Oliver
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    I just want to watch him wear tweed until we die in our sleep within 15 minutes of each other.
  4. Jordan Klepper
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    So my type that it's a little embarrassing.
  5. Ronny Chieng
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    Daddy issues? Great. Where do I sign?
  6. Roy Wood Jr.
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    Absolutely destroys me. My favorite segments of the last 6 months have almost all been courtesy of this fine sir.
  7. Stephen Colbert
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    I could dedicate an entire list to things I love about Stephen Colbert and even then I would have more to say.
  8. Trevor Noah
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    Thank God he's started opening the show standing up because it significantly increases the chances of me seeing his butt.
  9. Aasif Mandvi
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    I really feel like Aasif would just get me.
  10. Al Madrigal
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    So into his whole vibe. Plus I think my parents would love him.
  11. Hasan Minhaj
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    My #1 😍 his jawline should be illegal