Pink mat, purple towel, conservative sports bra
  1. A few weeks ago I was in a class and I thought...that lady looks a lot like Sarah Palin.
    But....I was like nahhh. Faux Sarah Palins popped up in Alaska in the mid 2000's like Walker Texas Ranger impersonators in Texas.
  2. I swear I heard someone call her Sarah
    But again, I just figured I was imagining things.
  3. I live in Alaska
    So it's entirely possible that Sarah and I could be members of the same yoga studio.
  4. Yesterday I was talking to my friend about his first hot yoga class.
    And he thinks she was in his class! The evidence really building at this point.
  5. She/doppelgänger was in my class today
    I'm very sure at this point that I just took a yoga class with Sarah Palin. She looks different in person/not in glasses and a skirt suit.