Goals are an important part of having fun. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.
  1. Take a new profile picture
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    This has been my profile picture since June. I love it. But it's time.
  2. Be approximately 10% more over my dude by the time I leave
    This is real science. 📈📈📈📈
  3. Read 3 plays
    I gotta read more plays you guys.
  4. Cuddle with my best friends
    They love me so much it's unreal
  5. Rest
    My job is kickass but also stressful. I need to ignore it for a few days.
  6. Wear red lipstick
    This is easy but hey it's a vacation.
  7. Eat tacos
    So many tacos. Like a disgusting number of tacos.
  8. Drink a little bottle of Scotch
    I think I can manage ✈️