It's 9:47pm in Alaska. Early, I know. But I've been drinking since approximately 4:30pm. That's over 5 hours FYI.
  1. Should I message my ex?
  2. Feels v weird to refer to him as my ex because we didn't date that long and we had a complicated breakup. More like a conscious uncoupling. #gwyneth
  3. Okay, I'll explain.
  4. We dated for a few months and things were 💃✨💯🙌🔥😘
  5. Then the project he was working on lost funding and he lost his job 😥 and it was very sad for him
  6. He is now very confused/lost and has no idea what he's doing with his life. He's inching towards 30 and feeling under accomplished imho. Which I get.
  7. Incidentally, I have a banging job.
  8. Anyway. He decided to go to Africa for two months. His parents live there and he's unemployed so why not? I supported/support this decision.
  9. Two weeks before he left he decided we should breakup and I was all 🙅🙅🙅
  10. He said he felt guilty applying for jobs out of state while we were together and that he couldn't stay in Alaska just for me if he didn't have a job. Okay...makes sense-ish? I guess? I dk. At the time I thought it seemed reasonable.
  11. I did not accept his preemptive breakup and said when he left in two weeks we could call it off. It would give us both time to figure shit out. He agreed.
  12. So we spent the next two weeks together knowing we'd break up when he left. We decided not to talk while he was gone.
  13. It's been 4 weeks ~exactly~ since I dropped him off at the airport.
  14. I miss him like 😶
  15. And now, with a month apart I feel like our issues are bullshit and if we're into each other we should just do this thing and figure out the other stuff later?
  16. So I want to tell him I miss him.
  17. He gets back in a month.
  18. Thoughts?!?!?
  19. I'm dying.
  20. Bonus: will I regret publishing this list? 🙆