Two in one day?! List app is too good to me.
  1. First.
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  2. Next.
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    Shocked and amazed. My bff and I at the movies I think? Not sure why we're so pumped/aggressive.
  3. Then.
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    Just so pleased. As pleased as I was with my father's grilling lessons this summer.
  4. Followed by.
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    Thrilled but unsure how to proceed. My cousin's baby eating dairy free fro yo.
  5. And.
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    Confident. Like power posing in my new high wasted flared jeans from the gap confident.
  6. Also.
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    In control of my destiny. Like McConaughey encountering this longhorn. (Yep, this picture was legit already on my phone)
  7. Finally.
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    Filled with love and adoration for my newfound list app besties and feeling my look like I am in this pic.