No chill and proud
  1. Society wants women to play it cool
    It is very uncool to honestly express your desires or needs. Explicit demands or requests are desperate and emotional.
  2. Guess what? I DON'T PLAY IT COOL.
    I ask dudes out (...and they like it...). I tell my board how it is. I ask my employees to do their job. I do not send back food even when it's completely wrong. I'm not perfect OKAY?
  3. Things upset and excite us
    That's great! We have empathy and the ability to genuinely care for people and things. That's human.
  4. We should be free to express those feelings
    Tell people what you want. Just tell them. Tell a guy if you want him to call. Tell your friend she upset you. Freak out when your former flame likes an insta you posted TWO WEEKS AGO (this happened yesterday. plz give me feedback on what this means).
  5. This "cool girl" ideal isn't realistic
    Sorry boiz but we can't just eat burgers and drink beer and play video games all day AND wake up looking like Gisele. That's not how science works.
  6. I freak out over small insignificant details
    So what? That part of me that overanalyzes Facebook posts is the same part of me that lets me write touching and human ask letters to donors and funders. And. We. Clean. Up.
  7. In conclusion
    Freak out, cry in public, tell people what you need from them, specify the whiskey you want. Bravery and vulnerability make us human.