Hi. I'm a vIrGiN at the ripe old age of 24. When I was 13 I decided to hold off until/if I got married. Let's discuss. I've started us off with some of my usual questions. 📁 this has been in my drafts for awhile...a little nervous!
  1. First off let's explain this thing.
    The choice I made was/is both practical and religious. I cannot speak for every woman who waits or every Christian. My experience is my own. I probably wouldn't have had this idea or considered this option if I didn't grow up a Christian BUT over the years it has become more than a religious choice for me.
  2. Why?
    For me (FOR ME!) sex is about intimacy. Sex exists/was created to bind two people together forever. It's meant to be an unbreakable bond between two bodies/hearts/souls. For these reasons I have chosen not to engage in sex outside marriage.
  3. But sex is fun? So just do it?
    Sure. For me, and other Christians, sex is sacred/divine. Using it for fun isn't the intended/original use. The fact that sex is fun is a nice bonus to the purpose it serves in uniting two souls. (That sounds hokey AF, I know but TBH we believe much weirder shit)
  4. What if you don't get married?
    I dk 😐. I don't have this all figured out.
  5. But aren't you a feminist?
    Big time.
  6. Is it hard?
    It's honestly been easy for me. I've never been with someone I wanted to have sex with (OK! until recently). My choice has served me well in a lot of ways. It's protected my heart and body, it's freed me from pregnancy and STD stress. So I wouldn't call it hard necessarily? Plus there's the added bonus that I can change my mind whenever I damn well please and I haven't...so it obviously hasn't been impossibly difficult.
  7. Are you sexually repressed?
    OKAY. Please stop with this. No one asks me this point blank but it's almost always implied. The sexual revolution means I get to decide who I share my body with. Even if it's no one or only one person. I don't have to engage in sex in order to benefit from the freedom feminism has provided for me. I can practice my sexual liberation by saying no!
  8. Are you obsessed with Jane the Virgin?
    In every way.