On the airplane headed back to AK. See original list here GOALS FOR MY TRIP TO LA
  1. Take a new profile picture ✔️
    Yes I think so!
  2. Be approximately 10% more over my former dude by the time I leave
    Uhm. Had some fantastic conversation with my bffs about vulnerability and heartbreak and risk and things feel a little more clear. But I also feel like I spent the entire trip wishing he was with me. No definitive check mark here.
  3. Read 3 plays ✔️
    I read one play. But I have the flights back! I'm giving myself a premature check on this one.
  4. Cuddle with my best friends ✔️
    Done done done.
  5. Rest ✔️
    I mean I didn't get a lot of sleep but I got a lot of love and I think that counts.
  6. Wear red lipstick ✔️
  7. Eat tacos ✔️
    I ate huevos rancheros and I think that counts.
  8. Drink a little bottle of Scotch ✔️
    I drank bourbon instead but it counts.