V bomb massage TBH
  1. Okay this bed is warm and I needed that
  2. Oh, starting with the face. Bold and I love it.
  3. Is she twisting my face into ugly shapes?
  4. I wonder who will text me while I'm in here
  5. Focus Sara. Live in the moment.
  6. Awh! She's keeping one hand on my shoulder while she gets more lotion. Just like a hey I'm still here. I love this woman.
  7. I wonder if I can date a massage therapist next?
  8. I wonder if I can find a guy who wants to take a couple's massage class but won't expect me to ever actually give him a massage?
  9. This brilliant wizard woman keeps wrapping parts of my body in warm towels and I can't get enough of it.
  10. LOL that episode of Friends when Monica makes sex noises during her massage.
  11. Whoa whoa. On the chest. What if she grazes my nip?
  12. Would I mind?
  13. Turn over? Already? Okay.
  14. Awh, she's holding up the sheet for me to roll over modestly! I need this lady to be my BFF.
  15. Should I have shaved my legs?
  16. I can't wait to list app all my thoughts during this massage.
  17. SARA. Focus on the moment.
  18. When can I afford to do this again?