1. Boxing
    Boxing gloves & a mouth guard
  2. Dance
    Photographic evidence
  3. Karate
    Black belt. Like, I don't even know this man.
  4. Rock climbing
    Carabiner after carabiner
  5. Fishing
  6. Shell collecting
    A shit ton of shells
  7. Preparing for costume parties
    Just a few costume pieces we found: skeleton pants with fish from "Dumb Ways To Die", spanx from dressing up as Malibu Ken, tire armor from his yearly post apocalyptic birthday party, a feather masquerade mask from dressing up as a Heron
  8. Drawing
    Giant painting pad and carrying tote
  9. Biology
    Lots of textbooks...to be fair he's a biologist
  10. Camping
    Tents! Sleeping bags! Safety flares!
  11. Murder?
    He has: 2 guns, at least 4 swords, 3 blow dart guns, and approximately 5 spears