We should all read more plays! Reading plays is not the same as seeing plays. Reading sheet music, even when you understand it, isn't the same as hearing it. But reading a play is a unique experience of its own. Enjoy!
  1. Othello - William Shakespeare
    My favorite play by Shakespeare and possibly my favorite play of all time. It's bold and brash and risky with actual roles for women and POC. A brilliant play.
  2. Twilight: Los Angeles - Anna Deveare Smith
    A verbatim play researched and performed by the playwright. I believe you can find a TV adaptation online and you should. Anna Deveare Smith is slowly redefining the word playwright and she's a goddamn hero.
  3. The Glass Menagerie - Tennessee Williams
    When I was 15 I had to read this play in drama class and I hated it. When I was 17 I read it in English class and adored it. The stage directions alone are worth the read.
  4. A Raisin in the Sun - Lorraine Hansberry
    Beautiful important play about the inter generational struggles of a black family in mid century America. I gave it to my intern to read and she flipped it over to see a picture of Hansberry and she looked up at me and said "she's black?". She'd never seen a playwright who looks like her. Will probably name my first daughter Lorraine.
  5. The Crucible - Arthur Miller
    Stunning. It's engaging and romantic and frustrating. Every character is three dimensional and eternally relevant. I adore this play.
  6. Passion Play - Sarah Ruhl
    An exploration of passion plays (trial and crucifixion of Jesus) told in different time periods by the same cast of actors. It's inventive and biting. A great read.
  7. Trifles - Susan Glaspell
    A delightfully dark proto-feminist play about female friendship. Presents three dimensional female characters who are presented independent of their men.
  8. The Method Gun - Kirk Lynn
    Kirk is a personal hero and former professor of mine. He wrote me two kickass recommendations that got me into grad school and now my dream job so I'm biased. But Kirk is a rad playwright and if you can ever see or read his work you should do it. He's a genius.