Embarrassing but true.
  1. Konstantine - Something Corporate
    Age: 15. Boyfriend: currently an EDM DJ in Vegas. This was such a bad idea. This song is depressing and confusing and literally ELEVEN minutes long. But I used to sit in my basement while he played this on the piano and changed lyrics to my name so I thought it would be a good choice.
  2. You've Got A Friend - James Taylor
    Age: 14-16. Boyfriend: dated for 4 days, bffs for 4 years, older brother of boyfriend listed above 😬. Okay this is still a good choice for a wedding song. I have the least regrets about this option. Also this dude is still bomb and only ever loved me even when I was the worst.
  3. You Belong To Me - Jason Wade (Shrek Soundtrack, let's just be honest)
    Age: 17-22. Boyfriend: never my boyfriend, just my best friend's brother. We met when our families were living overseas and travelled together a lot so I thought this song would be appropriate. Once wrote him a love letter/email in which I quoted Jane Austen.
  4. First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes
    Age: 19. Boyfriend: met as counsellors at bible camp. He put this on a mix CD for me? I feel like he also potentially played it for me in a gazebo on the campus of his uber Christian college where we had to make out in his car off campus? This whole relationship is just a giant question mark for me?!?!?