The first three exist. Note: this list does not include Step Up Revolution OR Step Up All In because clearly the franchise lost its way and needs my help.
  1. Step Up
    The classic
  2. Step Up 2 The Streets
    Also not bad TBH
  3. Step Up 3D
    Saw it. Didn't hate it.
  4. Step Up 4 Yourself
    This title is open to so many interpretations. It just needs to include someone standing up for themselves which is a Step Up prerequisite.
  5. Step Up 5 and Dime
    Entire movie takes place in a five-and-dime. Shot in B&W.
  6. Step Up 6 of One, A Half Dozen of The Other
    The names of two fueling dance squads.
  7. Step Up 7 Pounds
    Featuring a cameo from Will Smith. Leans heavily on said cameo in all promotional material.
  8. Step Up 8 Too Much Food
    An autobiography.
  9. Step Up 9 to 5
    A shot by shot remake of the original but set in Texas with only Dolly Parton songs.
  10. Step Up 10th Amendment
    Dancing lawyers.
  11. Step Up 11th Hour
    The entire movie is shot in real time. It only lasts an hour and requires movie theatres to only show it between 11pm and 12am. Will be nominated for a Golden Globe.
  12. Step Up 12 Disciples
    Sherwood Pictures acquires the rights to the franchise in 2050. It's a dark time for us all.
  13. Step Up 13th Floor
    Bad luck at every turn. Take the twisted ankle incident from the original and magnify it by 100000.
  14. Step Up 1408
    Ushering in a new era of dance horror that (fortunately) does not catch on.
  15. Step Up 15 Seconds of Fame
    A dance video goes viral. It goes to the dancer's head. He realizes the fame doesn't mean anything and comes back to his friends.
  16. Step Up 16 Going on 17
    A hip-hop remake of Sound of Music. Performed live for NBC and featuring a former Disney channel star.