I don't know. Is this just me?
  1. Watching people get pranked
    I honestly can't handle this. I can't watch tv shows where people get pranked. I can't be part of the crowd when people get pranked. I will stand up and tell the person exactly what's going on before they are publicly shamed. (#buzzkill) Middle children get left out, it's hard for us to watch it happen.
  2. Disagreements brought about by misunderstanding
    Whenever my sisters fought growing up I was convinced I could solve it if I just helped them clarify their positions? I spent a massive amount of time trying to translate their anger into reasoned arguments. This usually resulted in them getting mad at me and forgetting their original argument. So in a way I did make the peace?
  3. Breaking rules
    I told on my sisters constantly. I could not/cannot handle the disorder of disobeying rules. It stresses me out to the max.